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B.Ed Course

The B.Ed Degree Course consists of two annual examination, the teaching method used in this course include classroom based teaching lecture, practice teaching in school, micro teaching, criticism lessons work experience, community work, social service, assignments and supervised practicals, component in the laboratories. The assessment methods used in the annual session of the course include two internal examinations and a University Examination


Theory papers & practical:-

B.Ed. 1st Year Subjects
Theory Practical Full Marks
Paper 1 Childhood and Growing Up 80 20 100
Paper 2 Contemporary India and Education 80 20 100
Paper 3 Learning and Teaching 80 20 100
Paper 4 Language Across the Curriculum 40 10 100
Paper 5 Understanding Disciplines and Subjects 40 10 50
Paper 6 Gender, School and Society 40 10 50
Paper 7 Method any one from the following 40 10 50

Pedagogy of School Subjects

Method of Teaching English- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Hindi- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Sanskrit- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Urdu- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Arabic- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Persian- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching History- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Civics- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Geography- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Economics- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Home Science- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Commerce- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Physical Sciences- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Biological Sciences- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Biological Sciences- Part- (I)

Method of Teaching Computer Science- Part- (I)

EPC Title Theory Practicum Full Marks
EPC 1 Reading And Reflecting on Texts 40 10 50
EPC 2 Drama And Art in Education 40 10 50
EPC 3 Critical Understanding of ICT 40 10 50


Theory Practical Full Marks
Paper 7B Pedagogy of a School Subject 40 10 50
Paper 8 Knowledge & Curriculum 80 20 100
Paper 9 Assessment for Learning 40 20 100
Paper 10 Creating an Inclusive School 40 10 50
Paper 11 Optional paper 40 10 50
Each student will take one optional paper from the following;

Vocational/Work Education

Health & Physical Education

Peace Education

Guidance & Counseling

Full Marks
School Internship 250

COURSES OBJECTIVES School Internship/ Field Attachment aims at engaging the students-

teachers with field based situation and work in upper primary, secondary or senior secondary government/recognized private school and to provide an opportunity for reflection and writing on the same. This is to provide first-hand experience of the different kinds of works related to school education. This is also to facilitate a bridge between what students learn in classroom and observe in the field.

1 Internship Report 60
2 Records of the Lessons taught at school (At least 60 Lesson Plans in the Pedagogical subject) 40
3 Records of two Criticism Lessons delivered under the observation of supervisor and a faculty member other than supervisor 10
4 Records of the Observation of Peer Interns’ Lesson (at least 20 lessons of Peer Interns’ are to be observed 20
5 Record of Preparing Teaching-Learning Materials (20 for school subject) 20
6 Development of Achievement Test in the subject concerned, its application on the relevant class and preparation of result 10
7 Preparation of School Time Table 05
8 Preparation of Cumulative Records of 5 students 15
9 Case study: Meeting with parents of at least 2 students for total growth & development of their wards and preparation of report 10
10 Organization of 5 co-curricular activities and preparation of report 10
11 Maintenance of School records (related to Office) 20
12 Maintenance School Laboratories /Maintenance School Library 10
13 Organization of Sports/Games & preparing Reports 10
14 Regularity and Behaviour 10
15 Total 250
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