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Mandatory Disclosure

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Mandatory Disclosure

1. Details of the Institution

1.1 Name of the institution Maxford Teachers Training College
1.2 Date of Establishment Dec 2015
1.3 Complete Postal Address Bhakhri- Pabheri, Dhanarua, Patna-804451
1.4 Mobile No 9334358855, 7979789562, 8936060941
1.5 Fax 00000000000000
1.6 E-mail
1.7 Website Address
1.8 Nearest railway station TAREGANA,MASAURHI
1.9 Nearest Town PATNA
1.10 Type of institution Co-Education
1.11 Status of institution PRIVATE

2. Management Self Financed

3. Details of course applied for

3.1 Level of the Course Level of the Course DIPLOMA, BACHELOR
3.2 Name of the Teacher (Education Course) Teacher Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Education Course Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)
3.3 Duration of the Course 2 years
3.4 Weather to be conducted In face to face or distance Face to Face
3.5 Proposed Intake 50
3.6 Academic Session from Which the course will be Conducted 2016-18
3.7 Details of Affiliating Body Name Address/Tel/Fax No (B.Ed )Maulana Mazharul Arabic And Persian University,Patna (D.El.Ed) Bihar School Examination,Patna

4. Land

4.1 Whether copy of the affidavit in the Prescribed format has been displayed On the web site as required under Regulation 8(9) of the NCTE Regulations, 2007
4.2 Land Identification (Plot/Khata No.) 187/256
4.3 Land Area in 3036.18
4.4 Weather the title of the land Is on ownership basis Ownership basis
4.5 Title of the land is on lease As per law NA
4.6 Duration of the lease NA
4.7 Land use certificate obtained For educational institution Yes

5. Manpower (Photograph of Teaching Faculty should be displayed)

5.1 Details of proposed/appointed teaching staff. D.El.Ed || B.Ed
5.2 Details of proposed/appointed non-teaching staff. No

6. Building

6.1 Construction of the building Is complete Yes
6.2 Building is yet to be Constructed Yes
6.3 Building is fire safety-proof Yes
6.4 Building is disabled-friendly Yes
6.5 Common room for boys/girls available Yes
6.6 Date of completion of Building (latest) Yes
6.7 Built up Area in 3036.18
6.8 Numbers of class room 04

7. Library

7.1 The library has separate reference Section/journal section and Reading room Yes
7.2 Number of books in the library 5029
7.3 Total number of educational's Journals/periodicals being Subscribed 5
7.4 Number of encyclopedias available in the library 06
7.5 Number of books available in the reference section of the library -
7.6 Seating capacity of the Reading room of the library 50

8. Instructional Facilities

8.1 Details of laboratories available Yes
8.2 Arrangement made for practice Teaching yes
8.3 Number & name of schools for Practice teaching Yes
B.Ed Click Here Yes
D.El.Ed Click Here Yes

9. Facilities for games and sports

9.1 Own playgrounds Yes
9.2 Playground of another institution on sharing basis No
9.3 Multipurpose hall Yes
9.4 Facilities for gymnasium Yes
9.5 Facilities for athletics Yes
9.6 Facilities for indoor games Yes
9.7 Facilities for outdoor games Yes

10. Other facilities available

10.1 Canteen facilities available or not Available
10.2 Medical facilities available or not Available
10.3 Hostel facilities available or not Not

11. Important Notice

11.1 Hyperlink of council's website. View
11.2 Details of sanctioned programme along with annual intake. View
11.3 Details of faculty(with scale of pay,Photographs and details of who left or joined in the last quarter). View
11.4 Details of students. View
11.5 Details of available infrastructure facilities uploaded on website. View
11.6 Fees charged from students. View
11.7 Facilities added during the last quater uploaded on website. View
11.8 Number of books in the library, referred journals subscribed to, and addition, if any, in the last quarter uploaded on website. View
11.9 Details of instructional facilities such as laboratory and library uploaded on website. View
11.10 Balance sheet as on the last date of the last financial year uploaded on website. View
11.11 Income and expenditure account for the last financial year uploaded on website. View
11.12 Receipt and payment account for the last financial year uploaded on website. View
11.13 Details of biometric data updated on website of the Institution on weekly basis. View

12. Trust Deed

12.1 Trust Deed View
12.2 Trust pan card View

13. Affliation Letter

13.1 B.Ed Affiliation Letter View
13.2 D.El.Ed Affiliation Letter View

14. FDR

14.1 FDRs Form 'A' B.Ed. View
14.2 FDRs Form 'A' D.El.Ed. View
14.3 FDRs Certificate B.Ed. View
14.4 FDRs Certificate D.El.Ed. View
14.5 FDRs Bank Certificate View

15. Fire Safety

15.1 Fire Safety Certificate View